Khan Development offers a variety of Consulting services from Auditing to Litigation.


Experienced industry professionals focus on managing relationships during periods of conflict in order to achieve equitable solutions.


Analysis of entire financial records as well as a thorough visit and inspection of the physical site in order to provide a detailed accounting of project expenditures and project completion level as compared to industry standards.

Contract Negotiation

Trained negotiators focus to achieve the optimal combination of quality, delivery and cost.

Corporate Strategy

Development of a strategy to achieve the long-term goals of your organization with respect to acquisition, construction, re-purpose, rehabilitation or expansion of Real Estate holdings.

Cost Estimation

Project budgets created using a combination of both standard and non-standard estimation methodology resulting in greater accuracy.

Document Review

Professional review of all Real Estate, Construction and Legal documents as they pertain to specified project.

Financial Modeling

Compilation of given data combined with a thorough independent analysis to create financial data that is reflective of project potential.


Experienced Industry Professionals are provided in conjuction with outstanding legal counsel in the event that legal action needs to be taken.  Our expert witnesses all have years of experience acting as owners, clients, developers, general contractors and construction managers.

Pre-Construction Planning

Assistance in site selection, professional design team, management of relations with government entities, and exploration of finance options.  

Site Evaluation

Professional opinion of the benefits and risks that may be associated with purposing development at specified site.

Six Sigma Optimization

Quality Process Management analysis to determine inefficienies in business operation and implementation of new optimization strategy.